Heidi Cuppari

Heidi Cuppari is meta-leader in impact investing, women’s leadership and ​kids entrepreneurship​. ​Her prime career directive is helping to create an economy that is in service to life.  She utilizes socially-responsible corporate growth, from companies and nonprofits to political campaigns. Through listening deeply — then investing time required to fully align clients’ financial choices with their purpose — they become more awake, joyful, and able to actively impact their worlds in significant, positive ways.

As the Founder and CEO of Anastasia Impact (www.anastasiaimpact.com), she is the chief visionary of her integrative financial firm which has been designed to bridge traditional financial client support approaches and relationship-based innovations. It activates — and supports maximizing the global impact of — Millennials and women investors through strategic collaboration and collective paradigm alignment.

Prior to Anastasia Impact, she was the creatrix of the iDE Ambassador Group: a consortium of high net-worth benefactors who invested time, capital, and skill directly into the iDE. While at UBS, her meta-niche was increasing global systems shifts through broadening the scope of investment opportunities and retargeting their financial resources specifically on constructive social change.

Her volunteer work includes projects such as being a Mentor to social entrepreneurs via Watson University; ​serving as a Board of Trustees Member ​and now Advisor ​for TreeSisters.org, a global network of women seeding change through accelerating global reforestation and shifts toward sustainable living.

She recently launched a kids entrepreneurship accelerator and think tank with her kids: “Dream Tank: where kids launch their dreams” – www.dreamtank.co

In her career, volunteerism, devoted motherhood, and relationships, Heidi walks her mission’s talk: manifesting a healed planet and a peaceful world by aligning global social impact with collaborative and collective action.