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  • Marie Venner

    What a great meeting and photo from it! Really captures the spirit!
    Thank you to all the organizers!

  • Tony Mainardi

    thanks for setting this up!

  • Ben

    How do we know when we’re moving in the direction toward a Regenerative Future?
    I would submit that having a kind of “compass”, e.g. putting a “Regenerative Future” as a guiding star to to speak, would enable the average person to get a feel as to whether a behavior or expression is moving toward or away from that star. I would further submit that such an expression could be deemed “healthy” if the consensus is that it is moving in the direction toward a regenerative future, and “unhealthy” if it is moving away a regenerative future. I think we would all agree that pretty much everything we talked about during the conference, if put into expression, would be deemed “healthy.” And stuff like the global military-industrial complex would be deemed to be “unhealthy” (to take two extreme cases). The devil, of course, is often in the details (“healthy” for whom? for example), but IMHO this is a far healthier way to move forward together rather than using terms like “good” and “bad” which tend to raise antibodies in our psyches, leading to closing down, resistance, and reducing the ability to listen to another. And as Michael Slaby said in his panel, that definition may be a different one depending on the audience and context you’re speaking to. Those who think differently than you may very well see an expression in the opposite light as you do… and there’s the context for a dialogue, where we can hear each other, unpack our assumptions and meaning-making, and eventually learn what a regenerative future looks like for everyone.

    With awareness,

    • Heather Scott

      bravo, Ben. The heart of your statement was my main take-away from the event. So much space and room, for “___” to emerge, how healthy that it is, and personal compasses moveable all 360 but intact to health.

  • Michiel Doorn

    So how do you indeed measure/track progress for regenerative or otherwise complex processes? And how do you pass on the wisdom gained from one process/project to the next, so we can learn fast? Old-time (sustainabie) metrics tracking is not enough and case studies are often not replicable due to changing conditions. Measuring, monitoring and reporting is a topic often neglected, because it’s just not as sexy as brainstorming and implementing innovations. Nevertheless it’s crucial. I have done extensive research on PATTERN LANGUAGE, ie. methodically identifying and capturing success patterns, where small patterns nest in larger patterns. Let me know if you want to discuss. Thanks, Michiel http://www.ecoawareness.org

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