Summit Aims to Construct a New, Sustainable Economy

BOULDER, Colo. – Experts in a variety of fields will gather this week in Boulder, Colo., for the Regenerative Future Summit, an event focused on finding solutions to transform the economy and create a world that works for 100 percent of humanity.

With war, corruption and environmental catastrophe ever looming, a group of world-class scholars, business leaders and activists is coming together to change the economic narrative that drives these global problems.

The meeting is the brain child of author Hunter Lovins, president of Natural Capitalism Solutions and Leading for Well Being, who said the goal of the project is to help create an economy that benefits everyone.

“It turns out that it’s not as daunting as you might at first think,” Lovins said. “The economy we have today was invented by 36 men who gathered at a hotel outside Montreux, Switzerland – a place called the Mont Pelerin Hotel – in 1947.”

The summit is scheduled for May 15-17 at the new Sustainability, Energy and Environment Complex at the University of Colorado. It will feature lectures and working groups with experts who have participated in a number of projects on the world stage – including the Paris Climate Agreement.

The gathering was inspired by the ideas in Lovin’s new book, “A Finer Future: How Humanity Can Avoid Total System Collapse.” In it, she contends that humanity currently has all the technology needed to solve even the world’s toughest problems.

Lovin said while economists, sustainability experts and entrepreneurs all have pieces of the plan, what they need is a narrative to pull it all together.

“So, we’re inviting a number of people who are good at telling stories to help us all get better at how we communicate in ways that really capture people’s imagination,” she said.

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