Working Groups

Working Groups

at the Regenerative Future Summit

The Regenerative Future Summit will be an engaging, strategy-setting event. A conference like no other, the 3-day gathering will have extensive talent on both sides of the microphone. The goal? Craft a new economic narrative, a regenerative approach to capitalism that delivers personal well-being and shared prosperity on a healthy planet.

An anticipated 300 executives, entrepreneurs, community leaders and change agents will reframe “the economy” and develop action plans to implement a regenerative future. These plans will engage leading companies and early adopting communities to chart a new course for human wellbeing in a vibrant, entrepreneurial world.

On the first afternoon thought leaders who formed the frameworks and agreements now defining a new economy will share their thoughts.  The Summit will release such transformative tools as Dr Kate Raworth’s Doughnut Economics, Hunter Lovins’ Finer Future, and Leading for Wellbeing’s Meadows Memorandum. Participants will use these to identify the key concepts that underpin an economy in service to life. These concepts will guide working groups at the Summit and after as we launch a movement to reframe the global economy.

On the second and third days, participants will focus on big picture topics like collaborative leadership and transforming culture, in addition to such strategic efforts as scaling EV charging infrastructure and using economic development to implement municipal climate action plans. Facilitators and note takers will ensure that each group achieves success.

This is a hands on Summit. Working groups will outnumber speeches, with speakers and content experts meeting with specific working groups. Meals and reception hours will facilitate networking. While the plenary speakers are inspiring, the success of the Regenerative Future Summit will be driven by the plans developed by your work with the world-class experts in the working groups.

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